37 thoughts on “Rain.

    • I missed the waves. I missed surfing. I was hoping for a fast recovery from my surgery in February but here I am again, slowed down by the pain again. I guess I need more time to recover. Your pictures are stunningly wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for bringing the waves closer to me again.

  1. Silly question for you and I probably could figure this out on my own by reading more of your blog (which I plan to do), but your with your back, do you feel the rain coming?

    I know since my recent ankle injury, as refreshing and rejuvenating as rain can be, for me lately it brings an awareness. When it rains, I am far more aware that I have an injury, verses a day that it does not. Is it similar for you and your spine?

    • Well, rain has always been associated by many to a day that’s gloomy. But for me, it’s not. It makes me human. Many times do I actually say it rained or it’s raining because of me (on the note of metaphor). It’s cold when it rains and I feel more pain in my back, that’s the downside of it. But most of the time, i really appreciate the rain.

      • I guess the pain factor was what I was getting at but for fear of sounding like a complete baby I worded it fancy haha. I am glad to know I’m not the only one who gets a bit more pain when it rains then when it doesn’t. (Oh side note, I completely understand what you mean by rain making you feel human.)

  2. I love the rain. A good thing I grew up where it rains a great deal. As a child I would dance in the rain, jump in the puddles and splash around like crazy. It’s a fond memories. I will pray and think positive thoughts for you. I am following.

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