129 thoughts on “Therefore I Am

  1. Hi Gerry, thanks for visiting my blog. I higly appreciated it. You have a very entertaining and informative site. Stay happy and healthy 🙂

  2. i’m so glad you were able to handle the caller and his question. and that you feel so strongly about retaining the customer. sorry that some people have so little interest in ‘saving’ relationships. it can really hurt and leave the ‘leavee’ confused and depressed. i know because i’ve been there a time or two. my favorite saying as a christian single struggling for ‘contentment’ was “dating is practice for divorce”. my advice is more on the contentment, trusting God’s timing, and being ‘all here’ wherever you are in life. you will know when it’s time. trust me, i was 39yrs old when i married.
    i do have one question though if it’s not too forward. i’m curious why you would not self identify as a ‘born again’ christian? do you see some difference between a born again christian and just a christian?

    • Try as we may, there are really those who don’t give much effort saving a relationship. Over time, I have realized, I need someone who loves me more than I do love them. It works better that way for me.

      Regarding your question, I am not for the denomination. Born again christian has been coined to a group of christians. I’d rather stay brand-less and keep mum about my being a christian. God knows. 🙂

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