Choosing to heal



I was told of a herniated disc by the doctor. Laminectomy performed. And the whole gamut.

The lawyer said, I have a good fight and will surely win the case. He also uttered that I must be ready to endure a battle that is ugly. I paused, thought and looked for what is good, in the middle of all the bad things that had happened in the recent past.

That’s when I thought of my mom. She’s always understanding. Forgiving. Patient. Kind. The qualities I tend to forget of having and to showing when confronted up front by issues, people and events that are nonetheless out of my control.

The moment I talked to her, I was told to focus on what is good, staying away from the troubles caused by the doctor. To be well as fast as I could is the most important, mom said.

Days. Weeks. Months. I am getting better. Now only with the scar to remind me of how gory doctors can get and the danger of being unable to perform my daily activities, I have to keep up with my health no matter what. And the best medicine I’ve got from mom? Pieces of advice that equate to peace of mind. I was made to understand, it was the first step to healing.



67 thoughts on “Choosing to heal

  1. I can so sympathize with you. 10 years ago I had complications right after surgery. I developed a huge blodclot in my chest and it had to be removed because the doctors could not drain it. Well that’s enough info–I had a month in the hospital during all this–no fun..Thought about bringing suit against the hospital, but Hey–it was good just to be alive. Time spent healing superceded the need for any legal stuff. Your mom was totally right. Forgive……that’s part of the healing too.

  2. Aloha Gerry from sunny Hawaii!
    I haven’t seen you post in awhile and am hoping you’re making good progress on your health. I’ve enjoyed your playful spirit on your blog and hope to see more posts whenever you can!

    • Hey! Thanks for visiting my page once in a while. Sorry for not being able to post for over 2 months, I got so busy with work. Glad to be back. And I will write more this time. I hope to hear more from you.

  3. I am so sorry about your surgery fiasco. I have a friend who has had nothing but problems after a back surgery. I myself have had some ongoing complications from some medicine prescribed by my doctor… ugh, I wish they’d quit “practicing” medicine and get it right! lol.
    Good advice from your mom – and good for you for listening to her!

    • I lost confidence in surgeons (and doctors in general) because of what happened. To me, they were mere businessmen. And you’re right, I was blessed the moment I listened to my mom. 🙂

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